Chris Riffey - Super Multi-Dimensional Creativity
Project: Short Stories for Computer Build Role: Writer

These are a collection of short story emails I sent to a friend who had asked me to build a new gaming computer for him. We didn't live near each other, he simply asked me to buy the parts and send him the finished rig. Since he didn't know exactly when it would be done or delivered, I thought I would have some fun. I wanted to send him some teasing emails that contained the pertinent information buried in a story. Below is the first, the rest can be found in the PDF.

The Organism

The morning sun should have been clearly visible at this hour, but the black clouds kept it hidden from the small village.

The storm was getting worse.

Inside his lab, a man with wide eyes listened to the incessant howling of the wind and the beating rain. He was quite mad, but the sounds of the storm brought him a measure of peace as he worked. The lone light fixture above his head cast dark shadows throughout the ghastly scene that surrounded him. Empty husks that had previously been home to organs, the parts he needed for his Creation, littered the workspace. Their mangled remains mixed in with the tools he had used to peel and pry the useful bits from their homes.

But none of these were any longer of consequence to him. His attention was now focused on the organism in from of him. It lay there, amid the mess, unmoving. Much of its skin was missing, heaped in a pile to one side, exposing the places where the mad man had worked to insert the harvested organs. Bare though it was, the blackness of its true nature could not be mistaken.

From outside the light, the mad man pulled a black umbilical cord. The cord snaked its way through the carnage to where he attached it to the silicon organism. This essential cable of life was the only thing left. The thing that would validate his insane work. The man trembled as he made sure the connection was secure. The time had come, and that scared him.

He stared at the organism, though it did not look back at him. He took a deep breath and said a short prayer to whatever pagan god would listen.

He touched the organism. There was noise.

It was alive.

Downloadable Files: Click here for PDF of the stories