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Project: EVE-Online fan fiction Role: Writer

This was just a simple bit of fan fiction I wrote that takes place in Sci-Fi EVE Online universe. The idea for this was that it could be used as the back story for a player-driven mission. The locations, dates, and certain names were pulled from the game and framed within a factional war that took place in the game.

Below is an excerpt:

The following transmissions were intercepted by Caldari Navy Listening post FL324 & FL227.
Decoding and cross-referencing performed by external contractor Daed212.
We now know what has been happening to our ships in the Fliet Solar System Chief Ashe.

--- From:Devoue Etoille To:Belle Etoille December 12th, YC110 ---
Dearest Belle,
The fighting amongst the podder militias is underway in earnest out here in Fliet and it seems to have strengthened our Caldari enemy's resolve. We lost 2 good men yesterday. Our mission is still progressing though. I miss you but in a strange way missing you gives me strength. I hope things around the house are well. I'll write you again when I can.
Love, Devoue

--- From:Belle Etoille To:Devoue Etoille December 13th, YC110 ---
My darling Devoue,
You know I don't like to hear things like that. Tell me about how you are hunting down all those forward installation things and how you are coming home to me soon! The house is good, I'm still trying to keep myself busy which helps. Sara flew out and kept me company for a few days and I've begun adding a workbench to the spare room. I asked the men at Home-E-quip for suggestions and I think you will love it when it's done. Then you will have a space to work on your projects just like you wanted. I hope they are giving you a chance to sleep enough out there. Let me know if you need me to send you more ointment for your toe. Please stay safe.
All of my love, all of the time,

--- From:Belle Etoille To:Devoue Etoille January 18th, YC111 ---
I just wanted to write you to let you know that there was a beautiful moonset last night that was just like the one on the night you proposed 3 years ago. I couldn't stop crying. I know you are doing what you have to do but I miss your smile so much! Nova love!

--- From:Devoue Etoille To:Belle Etoille February 7th, YC111 ---
Dearest Belle,
Great news, I'm coming home! The podders are still fighting but we have found the last of-

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