Chris Riffey - Super Multi-Dimensional Creativity
Project: EVE Online CSM Role: Member

The Council for Stellar Management was a series of groups of dedicated players chosen by the EVE Online Community Manager to speak to the EVE Online developers on behalf of the greater EVE Online population. I was chosen for one of the groups, selected for my high community forum visibility and level-headed communication skills.

I attended several online meetings with the devs at Crowd Control Productions and the other CSM members. Myself and the rest of the CSM communicated several important issues to the devs on behalf of the players during my term of a few months. We also facilitated communication about the issues to the player base via the official EVE Online forums.

It should be noted that CSM I was part of was the first incarnation of the organization. In this incarnation the members were chosen by CCP. CCP has since switched to a different format where the members are chosen via a democratic election process by the other players.