Chris Riffey - Super Multi-Dimensional Creativity
Project: Role: Web Designer/Programmer

My online portfolio site, you're looking at it! This site was created to replace the previous version which was simple but cumbersome and not very attractive. I wanted a setup that would cleanly organize the examples of my work and to provide visitors an effective way to navigate them. I chose to use a database back end and management pages to make regular updates to the content as easy as possible. All code work was done by hand using Notepad++ text editor.

Key Features

  • Site utilizes a "single page" setup that is updated as needed using JavaScript/AJAX and PHP.
  • Site utilizes more advanced javascript features such as "accordion" menus and embeded image slideshows.
  • Site is database-driven and virtually all content comes from DB.
  • Administration web interface allows admin to easily add/remove content, including files, at will.

Technologies Utilized
HTML / CSS / PHP / MySQL / JavaScript / jQuery / AJAX

No pictures as you are already here! Look around and enjoy!