Chris Riffey - Super Multi-Dimensional Creativity
Project: Role: Web Designer/Programmer

This site was created to give people an electronic way to play the card game Videtwolle that I created. Because the game was originally designed to be an "in-character" game for the PC MMO Game EVE Online, it needed to function within the EVE Online in-game browser environment (which only supported HTML 1.0 and no javascript) as well as via the regular web. Because the EVE browser was so limited at the time, I could have chosen to make 2 different sites or representations of the game but I felt it was important to have a consistent look and feel both inside the game and out. It also had to utilize the smallest dimensional footprint possible due to the low resolutions of the EVE environment players might be playing in.

The result looked fairly primitive compared to most other game websites, but the effect was achieved and the game worked. Additionally, because it was a multi-player game, it was important that players could play with each other whether they were in EVE or simply on the web. All code work was done by hand using Notepad++ text editor.

Key Features

  • Site features playable multi-player card game that is playable both via the web and inside EVE Online. Players from either location can play with each other seamlessly.
  • Site utilizes EVE Online in-game browser hooks to identify game traits such as name, character portrait, location, and affiliation.
  • Players can make their own games or join existing games.
  • Players have persistent profiles that keep track of their virtual currency and their statistics.

Technologies Utilized

You can view the site and play Videtwolle at