Chris Riffey - Super Multi-Dimensional Creativity
Project: Personal Wishlist Role: Web Designer/Programmer

This was a small website I made because my wife and I wanted an easy way to keep track of the things we wanted for gift idea purposes. I wanted it to be web-based so that friends and family could utilize it too. The main goal was to create something that was clean and could easily be maintained through a web interface. I also wanted to experiment with AJAX. All code work was done by hand using Notepad++ text editor.

Key Features

  • Site utilizes a "single page" that is updated as needed using JavaScript/AJAX and PHP.
  • Site is database-driven and virtually all content comes from DB.
  • Administration web interface allows users to easily add/remove list items and reorder their priority.
  • Registry page allows guests to "claim" items as gifts to avoid purchasing the same item as someone else.

Technologies Utilized
HTML / CSS / PHP / MySQL / JavaScript / jQuery / AJAX

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  1. Introductory list of users with lists on the site.

  2. Primary list display for editing.

  3. Re-ordering items based on personal priority preference is as easy as dragging the items.

  4. Creating and editing the items is done through a simple ajax pop-up.

  5. Each user's list has a registry version that others can use for gift coordination.