Chris Riffey - Super Multi-Dimensional Creativity
Project: Role: Web Designer/Programmer

This is a website I created for the player corporation (guild) Synergistic Arbitrage I was leading in the Sci-fi, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game EVE-Online. It was created to fill the corp's needs to organize and manage ourselves. A system was needed that could be regularly updated by members and leaders both via the web and from within EVE Online. The system needed to have full integration with EVE Online's in-game browser system to take advantage of such things as player affiliation, player location, and player in-game roles within the corp. All code work was done by hand using notepad.

Key Features

  • Majority of pages generated dynamically with PHP, reducing static content overhead/maintenance.
  • Fully viewable and usable both via the web and from within EVE-Online. Experience felt identical and worked within the confines of the HTML 1.0 standard of the in-game browser at the time.
  • Fully integrated into the EVE-Online browser system which recognized in-game variables such as player affiliation, player location, and player corp permissions.
  • Database-driven system of pages used by corp members to update things like goals and wishlists. Permission system used in-game corp role permissions to allow those of higher rank to administer the system.

Technologies Utilized

The site is no-longer active but when it was you could access it both via the web and via the EVE Online In-Game browser at

  1. The main, public-facing page

  2. The goal system where members could indicate what equipment they wanted to obtain. Corp leaders used this page as a guide on how to spend the corp's income.

  3. A screenshot of how the site looked from within EVE Online. Note the info that is not editable because it is being indentified by the site via the in-game browser hooks.