Chris Riffey - Super Multi-Dimensional Creativity
Project: Faerie Genocide Role: Co-Designer

Faerie Genocide was a concept for an MMOFPS involving the artwork of Brian Froud's Faeries and a recently developed conflict between the good and the bad. The idea was to merge the immediate and immersive fun of an FPS with the persistence of world and character that comes with an MMORPG.

The world of Brian Froud's Faeries was divided up into the "good" and "bad" faerie classes that were asymmetric between the two sides but overall balanced. Players would choose a side and then could freely play any of the different faerie classes on that side. The players fought to control the different regions of Faerieland which granted unique bonuses to the side that held them. A playable board game prototype version incorporating the design balance elements was created and play-tested.

  1. Mockup of the gameplay screen, mostly for the UI. It was designed to be very organic with vines and bubbles the primary elements. The friends list/chat system was a bunch of colored water droplets.

  2. Another mockup of what gameplay might look like.