Chris Riffey - Super Multi-Dimensional Creativity
Project: Glory by a Mile Role: Designer

Glory by a Mile was futuristic racing game concept that was pitched to a panel of industry professionals, primarily from Electronic Arts. The primary design concept was built around accessibility and emphasizing success with multiple play styles. The idea was to avoid the trap many racing games fall into where success largely comes down to "best" vehicles.

My response was to instead create a series of balancing factors such as mass, and air resistance and let the players build vehicles with any focus that suited their play style such as acceleration, top speed, and handling. Every aspect of the controls could be customized and "trick" modules could be utilized to shape the experience even further. Trick module abilities included things like jump, vamp energy from others, and push vehicles in other directions. Basically, the vehicle was completely customizable and track design was the equalizing factor.

Another part of the accessibility design was to include a cyclical online competition system in addition to the standard persistent ladder. The cyclical system reset player progress on a regular basis and limited the amount of races that could count towards rank in a given amount of time. This helped make the idea of stepping into online competition less daunting to new players. This would also help to maintain interested by fostering a "maybe next time" environment.