Chris Riffey - Super Multi-Dimensional Creativity
Project: Savvy Pirate Role: Designer/Writer

Savvy Pirate is a pitch/design doc written as a quick-writing demonstration for a serious games company. The criteria were simple, design a game idea that would help encourage young people to save money. My goal with the project was to come up with a game that would help encourage the behavior and understanding of saving money while at the same time being interesting enough as a game to compete with other forms of pure entertainment.

Below is an excerpt from the document:

"It’s the dawn of a new era, the 17th century. The civilized nations of Europe are taking part in the greatest land rush the world will ever see. They’re doing everything they can to claim, colonize, and develop any corner of the world they can find, in their name. Ships are being built as fast as possible, ocean‐based trade routes are everywhere, and the wealth of the world is flowing with the currents of the sea. It is a fantastic time to be a pirate.

Unlike anywhere else on earth, the Caribbean has become a major hub of activity in this new age. Endless island chains, strong winds, and a close proximity to the newly‐colonized Americas have made it a gateway through which riches and resources travel between the nations of Europe and the fresh additions to their empires. It is here that the adventure takes place.

In this experience the player assumes the role of a young pirate ready to set out on their own adventure and make their own rules. To take the helm of their destiny and become a pirate captain. Only as a pirate captain can they hope to sail the seas the way they see fit, to have the freedom to choose where to go and when. They are free to choose who to attack, what to pillage, and how to spend their loot. They are the master of their world. Aye, but there’s a catch."