Chris Riffey - Super Multi-Dimensional Creativity
Project: Crevasse Role: Designer

Crevasse was created as an answer to large parties of players (more than 8) wanting to play regular StarCraft 2 melee games together. This might not be a common need, but the market was being under-served with the offerings available in SC2. The design goals were simple:

  • Create a map capable of handling a large number of players (engine max is 14).
  • Encourage large-scale teamwork.
  • Create a fun experience.

The result was a 7v7 map of carnage! The central choke-point and neutral missile turrets help focus the action in the center early on and encourage the teams to work together to prevent early pushes. The later game opens up as units with longer range and air forces come into play. The relatively small size of the map (given the number of players) keeps the action fast-paced. Both early rush games and big-boomer style of play thrives in this setup. Expansion is easy but due to the number of expansions will not sustain a prolonged turtle before the team must either get creative with their resource use or take ground from the enemy.

Crevasse can be played by anyone with a valid copy of StarCraft 2 by simply searching for the map by name.