Chris Riffey - Super Multi-Dimensional Creativity
Project: Fairwheat Role: Designer/Writer

Fairwheat is a Neverwinter Nights quest module that follows the story of the village of Fairwheat and their struggle to enlist a hero to help them deal with a band of local bandits who have been plaguing their village. Designed primarily as a writing demonstration, this module contains a branching narrative with 6 different outcomes and subsequent rewards depending on how the player might choose to handle the situation. The story unfolds over 4 distinct areas.

You can download the module below. Because it was created primarily as as writing demonstration, certain triggers have been omitted in order to allow you to try the dialogues multiple ways.

Downloadable Files: Fairwheat Module
  1. Meeting a farmer in the town, learning about the local bandit problem.

  2. Meeting the old war hero, getting his take on things. Learning his colorful language.

  3. The beginning of the experience, where coming in proximity to some children in the marketplace triggers their solicitation of your services..

  4. Entering the bandit's lair.

  5. Confronting the bandit leader. It could get bad here.

  6. Another shot of the bandit cave. It was designed to look very lived in.

  7. Meeting the lord of the land in his recieving room.

  8. Another shot of the lord's manor.

  9. Flow chart for the different components of the module. Different arcs that lead to different outcomes/rewards are highlighted in different colors.

  10. A dialogue flow for the initial conversation with the village leader, the dashed lines indicate where the player has choices.

  11. Flowchart for conversation with village leader after player has been given quest and potentially if they've found a solution..

  12. Flowchart for dialogue with the local war hero.

  13. Flowchart for dual-dialuge with the two boys in the market.