Chris Riffey - Super Multi-Dimensional Creativity
Project: Seeds of Ralark Role: Creator/Designer/Producer

Seeds of Ralark is 2D, side-scrolling adventure for the XBOX 360. Players assume the role of a lizard-like creature known as a Lotong, who has been banished from his village high in the tree tops of the Great Thick jungle. With only his native abilities such as a sticky tongue and feet, players must use a combination of skill and logic to navigate and survive the tree tops.

My design goal was to create a game with a "natural" feel to the gameplay. To create an experience that felt like climbing a mountain(you don't magically get better, which makes both the danger and the success more real). Fitting with this theme, I wanted the experience to lean more on the player's skill and ability than many other contemporary games, similar to several generations ago.

To serve these goals, there are no power-ups, just the player-character's abilities which remain static throughout the game. Instead, to keep things interesting and to feel like a progression, the level design simply requires more and more of the player and how they use their abilities. I chose minimal UI elements and a control scheme that, while not traditional, in the long-run feels the most natural and takes advantage of the very tactile feeling of gripping the controller for sticky-based abilities. All death penalty is removed to help nullify the negative feeling of dying. However, the game reminds them of their death count upon completing the game, encouraging them to

    Key Features
  • Challenging game-play and a unique take on the platforming game.
  • Minimalist UI with in-game cues such as head-pointing for aiming.
  • Seamless play experience with no loading screens.
  • Learning to play the game is integrated with the experience rather than being a separate section that breaks the flow.

Seeds of Ralark was released for XBOX 360 via the Indie Games Marketplace in April of 2013. More information can be found at

  1. Title Screen

  2. Basic swinging action

  3. More advanced gameplay using sticky feet, note the foreground depth created by our engine.

  4. Gameplay involving loose rock objects as weights

  5. Gameplay involving carrying rocks

  6. Combat gameplay with some dive birds

  7. Dialogue scene further into the game.