Chris Riffey - Super Multi-Dimensional Creativity
Project: Videtwolle Role: Designer
Videtwolle was designed to be an "in-character" game of chance for use within the MMORPG EVE Online. My goal with it was to create a poker-style game that kept the money moving and was easy to pick up yet contained the types of nuances that can be found in traditional poker. Because I wanted it to feel like a game that was created and played by the characters of the fictional world of EVE, a regular deck of cards would not do. This led me to create a custom deck from scratch that would serve not only the primary game idea but would be versatile enough to be used in a large number of variant games just as a standard deck of cards is. Multiple physical prototype decks have been created for play-testing and for fun. A web-based version of the game was created and is playable both within the EVE Online game itself and on the regular web. In this version both EVE Online players and regular web players are able to play in games together.

Play the web version of Videtwolle at

  1. Photo of someone playing Videtwolle

  2. Videtwolle Deck Symbols (suits)

  3. Videtwolle Deck Unique (wild) Card symbols

  4. Videtwolle Card Numbering System

  5. Example Card, White Asset 5

  6. Example Card, Green Faction 1

  7. Example Card, Red Faction 2

  8. Example Card, Green Faction 4

  9. Example Card, White Pilot 4

  10. Example Card, The Station

  11. Screenshot of an Early Alpha build of the web-based Videtwolle functioning in EVE Online

  12. Another screenshot featuring a later build of the web-version