I’m a proud USC School of Cinematic Arts graduate. My passion for creativity drove me to obtain a degree in Cinema Production, however I found that making movies, and the film industry in general, was not as creative or rewarding as I had initially hoped.

I later decided to marry my creative passion with my passion for games and discovered that making games is much more my style. I feel that video games in particular have a lot of undiscovered country to explore, largely due to their dependence on technology combined with the regular tech advances that are made.

My strongest game development talent lies with game design. I’ve heard some people say that you are either a systems designer or a level designer. However, I’ve found I enjoy both equally for the unique opportunities they present. Spreadsheets or 3D engines, I’m happy wallowing in either. Additionally, I am a very technical-minded person. When combined with my knowledge of cinematic language and story, I provide a potent combination not often found in our industry.

A large part of my strength as a designer comes from the fact that I am a passionate gamer. I’ve explored nearly all forms of video games on nearly all platforms and try to maintain a “try anything once” attitude. I enjoy everything from deep single player experiences to massively multiplayer co-op engangements to throwing LAN parties with my friends.

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