Monthly Archives: April 2014

It has begun…

I may be late to the blogging party but that’s mostly because, in the past, I chose to share my thoughts on game design and development with others in person where immediate discussion happens.

However, I am now older and and arguably wiser and have seen the value of game development blogs not only as a sounding board but also as a resource for others in the industry. I feel like there are never enough good resources for our industry and I have strong opinions about how many things are going wrong, as you’ll find out. So I am finally going to start putting my rants to paper and see where they go. If you have feelings about what I say, positive or negative, feel free to comment or contact me about them. This is a new area of time devotion for me so I will try to be as diligent about this as I can.

So here we are. I don’t promise to be entertaining, but I promise to be passionate. Whether you are a fellow game developer or just someone interested in what I have to say, welcome.

– Chris Riffey